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  1. Collaboration Jams
  2. Hybrid Work Framework
  3. The Future of Work Learning Journey

Collaboration Jams

Our signature approach to cultural change.

Power your decision-making with an evidence base that harnesses conversations at scale.

A Collaboration Jam is a 72-hour online, facilitated conversation. It brings your people (up to 500,000 individuals) onto a bespoke platform for a real-time and global conversation. The scale of our conversations and the size of our knowledge base contributes to the quality of our evidence and impact.

Collaboration Jams are part of the change process, shifting mindsets and behaviours. They engage and include your people, co-creating solutions and creating champions of change.

Collaboration Jams

The Result?

Insights that move the needle and motivated, engaged influencers.

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Case Studies

PwC company logo

Driving millennial retention at PwC

PwC executives were concerned at the low retention levels of their millennial population and wanted to uncover the reason why.

HSBC company logo

Driving multi-faceted culture change

The Executive team at HSBC wanted to explore, develop, and drive culture change across three key areas: organisational values, inclusion and diversity, and ways of working during Covid-19.

Collaboration Jams

A Selection of Jam Clients

What Our Clients Say

Our Big Inclusion Conversation really helped us to demonstrate our commitment to inclusion and ensure ongoing dialogue across the Firm, and the ideas generated will guide us to develop strategies and take actions that further grow Inclusion at Dentons. Jay Connolly, former Global Chief Talent Officer
PwC company logo
The Jam has allowed us to very quickly create deep insight into a complex issue, while creating engagement and a lasting sense of community among Jam participants. Dennis Finn, former Vice Chairman and Global Human Capital Leader

Hybrid Work Framework

The pandemic has forced a change. Organisations everywhere must contend with the new hybrid work reality. We must all re-evaluate the way we view work and its design. What are the key questions and considerations for your leaders as you deal with the fall-out of the pandemic and transition to the new reality?

Our Hybrid Work Framework comprises of 12 indicators in four key areas – what work is, who does it, how it gets done, and where and when. It has been created to help define where you are now, what the ideal future looks like and how to get there.

Contact Harriet to find out if the Hybrid Work Framework could help your organisation.

Case Study

Global Institutional Asset Manager

Enabling a location flexible workforce

The leadership team at a global institutional asset manager wanted to create a global location flexible workforce, allowing people to “work from anywhere”.

The Future of Work Learning Journey

70% of people expect their organisation to navigate change. Are your leaders ready to show them the way?

We identify and empower a network of leaders and influencers in your organisation ready to lead your people through change. Webinars, workshops and learning modules empower this network to shift your organisation’s thinking and transform the way your people work.

Together, we create a clearer vision of what the future of work looks like for your organisation. Your people will be equipped to navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead.

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Case Study

Leading Financial Services Company

Enhancing inclusion through a company-wide people forum.

A leading financial services company wanted to understand its current performance on Inclusion and identify key areas for future investment.