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Future of Work by HSM

The future of work is now. As proven and trusted experts on the changing world of work, global people leaders trust us to provide them with solid, actionable insights.

Future of Work by HSM helps leaders pull their thinking into the future and make informed, confident decisions. Join our Future of Work Community to take targeted, practical action around your specific challenges, and learn from peers around the next frontiers of work.

  1. A retainer that helps organisations solve their challenges through an annual programme of insights and bespoke support
  2. 3 studies per year exploring topics such as Culture and Inclusion & Diversity
  3. 30+ multinational companies
  4. Outsource your future of work capability
  5. Gain the ability to make informed, research led decisions
  6. Externally sense-check your work and proactively craft a Future of Work approach that is signature to your organisation

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Future of Work by HSM

A Selection of Our Members

What Our Members Say

We have been a part of the FoW community for the last twelve years and throughout this time, insights from the consortium have played an integral part in both our strategy and HR planning. Anshoo Kapoor, Head of Early Talent UK&I
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The Future of Work Masterclass provided a clear explanation of complex themes as well as enabling me to build a network of peers who can support me as I embed the learning points back in my company. Siobhan Tapley, Global Head Talent Management

Organisational Index

A new, evidence-based way to visualise progress. How should an organisation measure and track progress against objectives such as a new strategy, values or purpose?

The Organisational Index is built from a repository of 14 indicators, plotted on a maturity framework. It allows organisations to turn a complicated and formerly unquantifiable concept, such as culture, into something they can see tangible movement on over time.

The Organisational Index builds on the thought leadership of HSM Advisory’s founder, Professor Lynda Gratton, and over 13 years of Future of Work Intellectual Property.

Contact Sarosh to find out if the Organisational Index could support the way you visualise progress.

Keynote Speaking

Thought leadership that inspires action. Stimulate and educate your leaders with a sustainable vision for the future with our keynotes, webinars and hackathons. Using bespoke content and evidence-based insights, world-class speakers, and shareable materials we’ll help you create a step-change in your organisation’s thinking.

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