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Advisory HSBC

Driving multi-faceted culture change

  1. The challenge

    The Executive team at HSBC wanted to explore, develop, and drive culture change across three key areas: organisational values, inclusion and diversity, and ways of working during Covid-19. Their aspiration was to bring people together in ‘human’ conversations to connect and interact with each other around these topics.

  2. Our approach

    Using our Collaboration Jam approach we brought people together in a 72-hour global conversation that enabled equal participation across time zones and geographies, to discuss, debate, and identify actions for each of the key topic areas. Our HSM Advisory facilitators supported people to build and challenge each other’s ideas, providing previously untapped insight into the expectations and perspectives of employees.

  3. The impact

    HSBC used the insights from the Jam to sense-check and embed their refreshed values. The conversation helped them understand what language would resonate and motivate their people and assess which values would be most difficult to embed. They also used the Jam to provide robust insights on building an inclusive organisation – a topic that is challenging to move the needle on. Thirdly, they explored people’s experiences of working during Covid-19. This gave them a pulse check on how their people were feeling as well as providing useful data on how people want to work after Covid-19 ends.

Future of Work by HSM

Driving culture change through best practice

  1. We support our Future of Work by HSM members to explore, address, and overcome the challenges of culture change.

    We have developed extensive thought leadership on culture change through Masterclasses on topics such as ‘Organisational Agility’, ‘Shifting Cultures’, ‘Building Narratives’, ‘Agile People Strategy’, and ‘Digital Transformation and Work’. These provide the latest research and best practice from Professor Lynda Gratton and expert speakers from academia and industry.

    By coming together and sharing their challenges and opportunities, our members collaborate to co-create solutions. Leveraging the insights they gain, they go on to effectively and efficiently drive culture change in their own organisations. These have ranged from crafting a future-proofed Leadership Development Programme to informing HR strategy on Workforce Planning.