Co-create the future with your people

How do we create new ways of working in response to COVID-19 that safeguard productivity and employee wellbeing?

This is the question on the mind of leaders right now, and for many, there is a real appetite to create these ways of working with, rather than for people, on the understanding that now more than ever we need to bring together as much collective wisdom and insight as possible to solve this complex challenge.

But here’s the catch. It is clear that many organisations are rushing into canvassing opinion from employees in surveys and focus groups, without first equipping those employees with the insights to make an informed and confident contribution.

The result? Mixed messages and high-level ideas that lack nuance, leaving leaders unable to implement suggestions, and employees disheartened by having made contributions that went nowhere.


This Insights Piece explores the Future of Work Journey HSM embarked upon with 10% of Brit Insurance’s employee population. At its core, this programme was about upskilling people on future of work trends and capabilities.

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