We are a vibrant research advisory group based in London with hubs in Australia and Japan.

We enable better working lives. As trusted advisors to our clients, we are aligned by a mutual belief that people are at heart of the future of work. We were founded in 2008 by London Business School Professor, Lynda Gratton.

Our People

Our values set us apart and guide the way we work.

  1. Co-Creational

    We work collaboratively and utilise everyone’s strengths.
    We work in partnership with our clients to deliver the best outcomes.

  2. Insight-Driven

    We are led by curiosity and are passionate about expanding our knowledge.
    We provide deep levels of insight with which our clients can plan a sustainable future.

  3. People-Centred

    We are empathetic and respectful of everyone’s unique value.
    We are united in our belief that people are central to the future of work. It’s why we do the work we do.

  4. Collectively Ambitious

    Never content to stand still, we are driven, conscientious and focussed on self-development.
    We work with quality, pace and diligence to deliver outstanding results for our clients.

  5. Trusted Advisors

    We believe in each other and the value we add. We make each other look good.
    We partner with our clients for the long term, helping them reach their personal and organisational goals.

The Team

We are a team of passionate and curious people. With wide-ranging interests and different areas of expertise, we are focused on people being at the heart of the future of work.

We are a growing team working with over 50 Associates and are always actively recruiting consultants and business services team members. To find out more or take a look at our careers page.