Dr. Juliet Bourke – Global Workplace Advisor | Leadership over a Latte

Join us this month, as we welcome Dr. Juliet Bourke, Global Workplace Advisor, Professor of Practice in the Business School at the University of New South Wales, and former Partner at the Human Capital Practice at Deloitte.

In a time when diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) are more critical than ever, the gap between intention and practice is alarming. While 97% of HR leaders report that their organisations have made changes to improve DEIB, only 39% of employees say their managers have discussed these topics within the last year. Furthermore, just 41% of managers feel equipped to lead these essential conversations.
With that in mind, Dr. Bourke shares her thoughts and experiences on the topic, and on the resultant shifting expectations placed on leaders in today’s world of work. So, sit back, grab a latte, and tune in to uncover the secrets to leading with purpose, impact, and vision!