Driving sustainable performance in the legal sector

The talent required to deliver high performance in legal firms is changing.

This new generation of talent has new and different expectations around having the flexibility at work to manage their individual performance more effectively. Firms that fail to meet those expectations will begin to lose out on the best people.

As a result, leaders must begin to think critically about flexibility in their respective firms. Rather than reverting to fixed time and place because it is ‘standard practice’, they must think about how to use flexibility to drive productivity.

Trade-offs will be required; offering flexibility to individuals will need to be balanced with ensuring they are learning the necessary skills and getting the chance to build relationships with partners and colleagues. This will require a proactive approach to think about how to use flexibility to design work for sustainable performance.

This HSM Advisory white paper explores how law firms can maintain high performance in a future where your people are working in a hybrid way.

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