Is Your Talent Fit for Future?

To stay resilient, both at the individual and organisational level, employers must consider how employees manage their assets to maintain a high standard of living and remain productive for as long as they choose.

Many are aware of, and devote much attention to, the management of their tangible assets – their savings, property and pension.

However, employees must also begin to consider the management of their intangible assets – that is their ability to stay productive, maintain vitality, and remain adaptable and able to transform.

Read our insights into the role organisations will need to play in helping employees manage their intangible assets by looking at:

  • How the relationship between employer and employee will need to move to an adult-to-adult relationship with regards to training and upskilling
  • The ways that organisations can create an adaptable workforce that is able to respond to technological disruptions and changing business models
  • How organisations can support employees in developing and maintaining their vitality through high quality work

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