Building Stamina and Resilience Through Disruptive Events

‘How do we build stamina and reimagine our businesses through disruptive events?’, Protiviti Webinar with Emma Birchall.

29th October 2020

As we enter a new and uncertain year, how can we increase motivation and build resilience?

The past year has given us all a lot to think about when it comes to resilience – especially in the UK where motivation is under assault by the nation’s third lockdown and a heavy dose of the January blues, fuelled by a festive season that was at best muted and for many cancelled.

So how can we maintain and also build motivation and resilience? This is an important question that HSM co-Managing Director, Emma Birchall, considered in a webinar for Protiviti. Her answer: provide people with a sense of purpose and empowerment.

Watch the webinar.

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