Capita Podcast – Reimagining The Workplace

‘Reimagining the workplace: a hybrid of remote and shared creative spaces’, Capita Podcast with Lynda Gratton, Ismail Amla and Vivek Wadhwa.

15th March 2021

“Imagine your other possible selves. Don’t always think that you’ve just got to take one path”.

With the Covid-19 pandemic accelerating trends at a pace never seen before, how can we foster innovation in the new world of work?

HSM Founder Lynda Gratton joins Capita’s Chief Growth Officer Ismail Amla, and entrepreneur and academic Vivek Wadhwa to share her predictions for the future of the office. Lynda discusses how the move to remote working has impacted productivity and innovation, and the essential skills that will enable employees of all levels to contribute to organisational change.

Listen to the full podcast episode here.