How Hybrid Highlights a Need to Focus on New Skills

The pandemic has not just changed the way we work – it has also changed the nature of some of our jobs, fundamentally reshaping the way we perform our roles and tasks.

In the past, the onus was on individuals to cope with changes in the job market: retraining where needed, keeping their skills relevant and ensuring they arrived at each new job with all the necessary skills in place. With the wholesale reshaping of work caused by the pandemic, things have changed forever. Some jobs have disappeared, others changed beyond recognition, and new ones have emerged. There aren’t always people ready and waiting with the skills an organisation needs – and hiring them can be a long and expensive process that erodes competitive advantage and undermines resilience.

There’s one way for organisations to protect themselves against the implications of these changes: they must drive reskilling. The pandemic has provided them with the perfect opportunity to reset their priorities by making learning and development an integral part of their new hybrid work models and empowering people to develop new skills over time. And it’s up to leaders to put learning first on the agenda.

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