How Should We Design Our Offices?

In our latest HSM Advisory webinar, we looked at how the role of the office is changing, giving organisations the opportunity to create unique and inspirational work experiences. But what should be their priorities as they approach this task?

At a practical level, it’s important to reflect on the type of work people are doing and create a space that allows them to do so productively. As we know, autonomy and flexibility are high on the list of employee expectations – and both can be worked into office design. Creating a multi-use space that can support different kinds of work – focused, collaborative, learning, socializing and recuperation – is a great way to provide choice and control.

As we start to think of the office as one part of the workplace ecosystem, it’s important to consider the effect we want it to have. How should people feel when they arrive? What effect should the space have on them over time? There are some surprising – and exciting – new findings on these topics. For example, creating a positive aesthetic experience has a significant positive impact in productivity, satisfaction and creativity.

Of course, the best way to create the right space for your people is to ask them what they need. Co-creation is key to ensuring your organisation gets the unique space it needs – and is a crucial step towards creating an inspirational, energising space that people can’t wait to return to.