Longer Lifespans

HSM Advisory founder Lynda Gratton and her co-author Andrew Scott recently joined Alice de Lamaze, Senior Investment Manager at Pictet Asset Management, on the Found in Conversation podcast to discuss the ways in which innovations in medicine and technology have almost doubled our lifespans.

While these advancements have made it possible for people to live longer, healthier lives, society and infrastructure have failed to evolve with the needs of an ageing society. This has led to concerns about whether an ageing society will bankrupt countries, destroy pensions, increase health costs and weaken the economy.

In the podcast, Lynda and Andrew share reasons why longer lives should be celebrated and reflect on how wider societal changes can ensure that society benefits from longer lifespans. Organisations have a crucial role to play in these changes, since their cooperation is needed to support longer careers. This includes reimagining organisational structures to fit the new, multi-stage lives older employees are living and ensuring these structures are flexible enough to adapt to the working lives younger employees will want to enjoy in the future.

We enjoyed listening to their insights, as well as insights from Pictet’s own contributors about how these changes are influencing their own human strategies.

You can listen to the full podcast here. Lynda and Andrew’s book The New Long Life: A Framework for Flourishing in a Changing World is available via Amazon.