MIT Sloan Management Review – How to Help Employees Work From Home With Kids

‘How to Help Employees Work From Home With Kids’, MIT Sloan Management Review by Lynda Gratton.

27th April 2020

Many of us are now working from home, but for parents, this can come with a number of new challenges. The family distraction presented by the new reality is one of the most pressing management issues of the COVID-19 crisis.

In this article for MIT Sloan Management Review, HSM Founder Lynda Gratton uncovers how this crisis also presents us with new opportunities, meaning that leaders and companies need to move rapidly.

With potentially months of home working to come, we will inevitably develop new habits and expectations. Some of these will be dropped immediately, but others will be so obviously more valuable and efficient, that they will become incorporated into everyday working life. But which habits will they be?

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