Professor Lynda Gratton’s New Book

The HSM Advisory team is getting excited about the release of CEO and founder, Lynda Gratton’s forthcoming book, Redesigning Work: How to Transform Your Organisation and Make Hybrid Work for Everyone.

The book draws on Lynda’s research into the technological, demographic, cultural and societal trends that are shaping work. While this research has been fundamental to Lynda’s career for over 30 years, it has never been more topical than it is now: the unprecedented disruption to our ways of working caused by the pandemic is also a once in a lifetime opportunity to make lasting changes to how we design jobs and working patterns.

Regular readers will know that Lynda started a diary during the early days of the pandemic to capture how it was affecting our approach to work. Since then, she has been closely observing – and providing insight on – the successes and failures of the greatest global shift in the world of work for a century.

Designed as a toolkit, the book focuses on how companies can build on what they and others have learned to reset work for the future. To help them achieve this, Lynda provides a four-step framework for redesigning work using proven experimentation methods to make, model, test and implement change. It provides clear guidance on how to creatively reimagine time and place, and the obstacles to look out for when contemplating a more fluid and flexible way of working.

Professor Lynda Gratton’s new book, Redesigning Work, will be published by Penguin Business in Spring 2022 – find out more about the book and how to pre-order your copy here.