Forbes – The Study, Work, Retire Model Is Broken As We Live Until 100

‘The Study, Work, Retire Model Is Broken As We Live Until 100’, Forbes by Pavel Krapivin.

13th August 2018

Much of life over the past century conformed to the three-stage model of study, work, retire. It’s a model that was predicated on reasonably high levels of stability, both in the skills required in the workplace and also the labor market itself. Training in one field and then having one or two employers for the majority of your working life was commonplace, but it’s a model that is increasingly being challenged.

It’s a topic HSM Founder Lynda Gratton covers thoroughly in her book, appropriately called The 100 Year Life. It is only through fundamentally changing what life looks like will we avoid Ondine’s Curse of a long, yet a brutish life of continual toil and hardship. Gratton urges us to think of the future in terms of time.

“There are 168 hours in a week – across a 70-year lifespan that’s 611,000 hours; across a 100-year lifespan that’s 873,000 hours.  How will you allocate this extra time? What will you do? How will you sequence stages and activities?” she asks.

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