REBA – Three Principles for Fairness in Reward During COVID-19

‘Three Principles for Fairness in Reward During COVID-19’, REBA by Lynda Gratton and Harriet Molyneaux.

12th October 2020

As companies transition to a hybrid way of working, fairness is moving to the top of leaders’ agendas.

As organisations around the world contemplate the idea of returning to work, many have chosen to allay fears about safety by giving employees a choice about whether to return to office-based work and, if so, whether to do so on a full-time or part-time basis. However, our recent HSM research suggests that this has led to yet more anxiety about the unforeseen impact these decisions could have on career progression.

In a recent HSM webinar poll of 102 people from across 64 companies and 30 countries, 37% were worried about how promotion decisions would be made for those working from home, while 30% were concerned about how caring responsibilities would be factored into performance targets.

As we move to a hybrid way of working, it is becoming increasingly important for employers to reassure people that regardless of their circumstances or chosen ways of working they will be treated fairly when it comes to measuring their contributions and providing opportunities.

In a recent article for REBA, co-Managing Director of HSM, Harriet Molyneaux, outlined a core framework that can help organisations achieve this.

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