What Will HR Look Like in The Metaverse?

This month, our team has been exploring what HR could look like in world where virtual immersion is the norm. Here are four areas where we think the metaverse could have a transformative impact on your talent team:


1. Recruitment and outreach – The possibilities here are endless. Just imagine being able to introduce applicants to your CEO at careers fairs, inviting colleagues from around the business to answer unexpected questions, or coaching people for interviews. Virtual recruitment events have the potential to encourage broader participation and deeper engagement – leading to more successful outcomes.

2. Three-dimensional learning – With leading employers, like Walmart, already using VR to drive L&D programmes, L&D in the metaverse feels like it’s already within reach. Employees can access a Netflix-like dashboard with content tailored to their performance needs and career aspirations. Virtual immersion also provides an opportunity for teams to experiment with a variety of learning modes. VR and adaptive learning can also be used to simulate the in-store environment and help employees learn “on the job” faster.

3. Community building – As community builders ourselves, this is one we’re particularly excited about. The possibilities are endless – both for purpose-built communities and organically grown ones to emerge and flourish. Virtual communities could be a way to bring together teams from around the world; create innovation pools with partners; or even bring clients, colleagues and external experts together.

4. Smart systems – the metaverse isn’t just about VR. Metaverse capabilities will encompass the addition of new content, adaptation of existing resources and deletion of obsolete.

One of the reasons the metaverse is so appealing is that it promises to increase our ability to make human connections – by harnessing its potential, talent team can carve a new, expanded role for themselves as enablers of connection and growth in a virtually immersive world.

This article discusses the future of the metaverse in HR further.