Embracing the Future of Hybrid Working

Two years on from the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, appetites for change are bigger than ever before, with organisations taking a holistic view of their purpose, culture, management, autonomy, performance, and innovation as they shift towards a sustainable, performance-led approach to hybrid working.

From our perspective, this widespread change provides us all with a unique opportunity to learn from each other. To this end, the HSM Advisory team recently published a joint research report with Fujitsu on the current state and future of hybrid work that is designed to help organisations learn from others as they create their own “signature approach” to hybrid. Based on interviews and focus group sessions with leaders and employees from across organisations, geographies and languages, the report provides a unique insight into how organisations are responding to the move to hybrid work as well as the opportunities and challenges they are facing.

Central to the report is Fujitsu and HSM Advisory’s Sustainable High Performance Model that highlights three key elements to consider as we move into the next phase of hybrid:

Rethinking what work means – By creating a sense of purpose to help employees make sense of change and ensuring an inclusive hybrid culture that connects employees to the organisation.

Empowering employees – By embedding employee autonomy and helping managers to coordinate across time and place to support wellbeing.

Reimagining how work is done – By taking an output focussed view of performance and empowering employees to innovate in both virtual and physical spaces.

This framework and the actions that flow from it are critical for any organisation planning a holistic redesign of work, allowing them to embed the lessons learned as they shift into a performance-led, sustainable hybrid working model while remaining flexible enough to respond to new needs and challenges.

To discover more about the future of hybrid working, join Founder of HSM Advisory, Lynda Gratton, CHRO of Fujitsu Limited, Hiroki Hirimatsu and an expert panel as they share and discuss key insights. You can register for the event here.