Hybrid Working

Design an approach to hybrid working that is productivity led, whilst empowering your people to experiment and find what works.

Advisory Global Institutional Asset Manager

Enabling a location flexible workforce at a global institutional asset manager

  1. The challenge

    The leadership team at a global institutional asset manager wanted to create a global location flexible workforce, allowing people to “work from anywhere”. This type of programme was previously unheard of in the industry in part because of the sheer challenges in designing it.

  2. Our approach

    We engaged people and leaders to create an effective, sustainable, and scalable location flexible program. At the heart was the combination of insights from leaders and people and our HSM Advisory research and IP on this topic. From this we were able to develop a new framework for location flexible working enabling people to work remotely in any country for up to six months.

  3. The impact

    The organisation piloted the location flexible work programme and agreed the next steps to ensure the programme’s continued success. Once fully embedded, this programme will become a competitive advantage for the company in both attracting and retaining their people.

Advisory Prudential

Co-Creating Hybrid Work with Managers

  1. The Challenge

    Prudential had gathered a clear employee view on hybrid working from the first Collaboration Jam we supported them on. They wanted to complement this data through bringing a representative sample of their global managers together to better understand the manager experience, training and support requirements to embed hybrid working at Prudential.

  2. Our Approach

    We ran a Hackathon process to rapidly upskill 140 global managers on hybrid working, tasking them with creating actions that would embed new ways of working within the business. Sharing external research and internal knowledge to upskill the group to enable them to take a confident and informed view on the organisational, leader and manager roles to embed hybrid working.

  3. The Impact

    By the end of the project, Prudential had buy-in from a representative group of Managers globally across Asia and Africa to embed hybrid working within the organisation. They identified and prioritised support and tools required to upskill both managers and employees and also shaped the finalisation of the hybrid working framework and employee playbook.