Rethinking wellbeing at work

Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, organisations around the world are undertaking a wholesale rethink of wellbeing at work. Our recent HSM Advisory webinar on the topic of Wellbeing for Sustainable High Performance explored how to embed a holistic approach to wellbeing that leads to sustainable high performance.

Here are three of our key insights from the discussion:

1. Integration is key. To have a tangible impact on performance, wellbeing must be fully integrated into everything the organisation does, which includes influencing how teams are managed and how work gets done, with measurements in place to demonstrate impact over time.

2. Tensions must be managed. Wellbeing is a complex issue: people teams must start with a cohesive policy that can flex to a more personalised approach as needed, to ensure a fair, inclusive and equitable approach for all.

3. Workflow needs a rethink. To truly link wellbeing and organisational performance, you have to rethink how work gets done, redesigning jobs and tasks to ensure they provide the flexibility, autonomy and meaning teams need to achieve sustainable high performance.

The important word here is sustainable. To create an impact that lasts, organisations need to evolve towards practical assistance that helps people manage their health and performance at work. Since people will have different needs depending on their role and circumstances, co-creation is key. Team members and managers are experts in their own workflow – only they can provide the detailed insight you need to successfully redesign your ecosystem.

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