Digital Transformation

When implementing digital transformation, it is people, not technology, that lead the lasting change. Maintaining a human-centred organisation is critical.

Based on cutting-edge research, our approach helps you discover the key steps to lead and accelerate people-focused digital transformation and support the culture change necessary to ensure success.

Advisory Capita

Investigating the impact of automation

  1. The challenge

    In response to increasing levels of automation, the senior team at Capita wanted to position their organisation as a thought leader in responsible automation as part of their mission to support clients in this area.

  2. Our approach

    We partnered with Capita to run and analyse a series of workshops with front-line workers from across the UK – a population overlooked in most existing automation studies that focused on the perspectives of senior leaders. These workshops identified the key issues and solutions when thinking about automating responsibly. We also drew on our internal thought leadership on automation and best practice reports from our Future of Work by HSM archive.

  3. The impact

    The depth of insight from these workshops enabled Capita to deliver a research publication and series of media events, including a podcast series and a debate between Professor Lynda Gratton and Capita’s CEO, Jon Lewis. These initiatives deepened Capita’s understanding and reputation around this crucial topic and supported their positioning as thought leaders within their industry. They were also able to support their clients in a more comprehensive way to ensure a more responsible approach to automation.

Advisory European Investment Bank

Aligning banking culture with digital transformation

  1. The challenge

    The leadership team of a European Investment Bank wanted to roll-out and communicate their new digital strategy. They needed to understand to what extent their existing culture could support the strategy, but also wanted to identify the culture and behaviours that would drive new ways of digital working.

  2. Our approach

    We used a Collaboration Jam to bring together people from across the organisation, creating a collective understanding of ‘digital culture’ and the behaviours needed to achieve it.

  3. The impact

    By co-creating with front-line employees, we turned the digital strategy into day-to-day action, creating detailed action plans for seven digital transformation workstreams. We also identified over 200 change agents from a range of seniority levels, roles and geographies who had the energy, enthusiasm, perceptive contributions and cultural capital to influence and drive desired behaviours throughout the culture change.

Future of Work by HSM

Identifying best practice in digital transformation

  1. With rapidly advancing technologies, digital transformation demands a shift in organisational and people capabilities. The Future of Work by HSM retainer addresses this theme from a number of angles, running Masterclasses on a range of topics – ‘New Ways of Working’, ‘Innovative Organisations’, ‘Responsible Automation’ and ‘Digital Transformation and Work’. Our Masterclasses and ongoing HSM Advisory thought leadership provide the latest research and best practice from Professor Lynda Gratton and expert speakers from academia and industry.

    Executives share their challenges and opportunities around digital transformation to co-create solutions to support their people’s capacity for change. They are then able to leverage the insights to drive digital transformation in their own organisations by embedding the culture and skill shifts required.