Inclusion and Diversity

Deliver effective Inclusion and Diversity strategies to tackle behavioural, process and cultural transformation.

Our advisory practice and bespoke tools help you identify why your existing I&D strategy may not have created the impact you desire and gives you the insight you need to challenge conventional thinking.

Advisory Dentons

Creating an inclusive culture to unlock creativity

  1. The challenge

    The partners of Dentons, the world’s largest law firm, wanted to build a truly inclusive culture that would unlock the full creative capability of their people.

  2. Our approach

    We brought together people from 31 countries on a Collaboration Jam to share knowledge and co-create solutions in a 72-hour ‘Big Inclusion Conversation’. Participants generated over 3,000 ideas, actions, and micro-behaviours.

  3. The impact

    By working with Dentons’ people from across the organisation, we co-created a cultural map to highlight the characteristics of people in different cultures. This helped encourage productive conversations by giving people a tool with which to refine their communication style before speaking with someone in a different office. We also identified a global network of influential change agents who could drive initiatives, pilot ideas, and provide ongoing feedback. Dentons went onto win the Outstanding in Human Capital award at the 2017 FT Innovative Lawyers Awards.

Advisory Leading Financial Services Company

Enhancing inclusion through a company-wide people forum

  1. The challenge

    A leading financial services company wanted to understand its current performance on inclusion and identify key areas for future investment.

  2. Our approach

    Using our signature HSM Advisory Inclusion Maturity Index, we leveraged inputs from a diverse range of people to measure the organisation’s inclusion capability and performance. Based on this data, we designed a unique program to accelerate progress towards becoming a fully inclusive and diverse organisation. We worked with the CEO and Executive Committee to create a series of all-company events, featuring inspiring guest speakers. We also launched a facilitated forum for people to share their own stories and ideas for action.

  3. The impact

    This ongoing programme has received positive feedback and there is an increase in employee-led resource groups to drive active inclusion. In a recent forum, more than 95% of people agreed that the organisation provided a safe space to share their experiences and moved the inclusion conversation forward. As one employee commented, “We are really upping our game in D&I… it shows how far we can come in such a short time”.

Future of Work by HSM

Promoting best practice in inclusion and diversity

  1. Inclusion and Diversity continues to be a core focus of the Future of Work by HSM retainer. Our Future of Work by HSM Masterclasses have covered a range of inclusion and diversity topics including ‘Generational Cohesion’, ‘Shifting Identities’, ‘Fairness, Trust and Ethics’, and ‘Responsible Automation’. Our Masterclasses and HSM Advisory thought leadership provide the latest research and best practice from Professor Lynda Gratton and expert speakers from academia and industry.

    The Future of Work by HSM retainer creates an opportunity for executives to share the Inclusion and Diversity issues they are facing and collaborate to co-create solutions. Back in the office they leverage these insights to challenge the myths and assumptions within their organisation and actively drive more inclusive and empathetic cultures.